Bingo!! This word reminds me of the action song that we learnt at school. Reminds of my teacher telling this word, Bingo, when we give a correct answer, when we complete a task on time. BINGO. Well, Bingo also reminds of game, being played at casinos. Bingo has taken internet by the storm. There are many sites that have opened up to cater to the rising demand. The sit at home casino feel makes the crowd coming for more.

Yes, today we are talking about this Bingo, which is a game, pretty popular played in casinos and other few places too. Bingo is basically a game of chance. Here, the game host calls out different numbers, randomly. Each player matches pre-printed cards with numbers on a 5*5 card and starts matching up the numbers called out by the host. If all the numbers match in a row, then he calls out Bingo! Players compete against each other to win the prize with highest number of matches. Bingo is a real fun game to be played, both real and online. Unlike other games, here you get to meet many players all at a time, you play all together. So each one has the excitement as to who gets which number and wins the game! Let’s now see how this game is played at online sites. Bingo played online has a little more interesting stuff than playing direct. Here, you get bingo news, pictures, comments from past winners, special tournaments, prizes, gifts and where you can redeem them. Are you ready to play the game? But do you know the way this game is played? Without prior knowledge getting into gambling games is really a little foolishness, especially getting online when there would be hundreds of players who won’t be visible. It’s always better to make some study about the game you planning to play, its rules and regulations, your best chances to hit jackpot, your etiquette to be followed etc. Since you are online, you can’t behave as per your wish, cos no one is watching you. Beware; online sites have many methods to track your play.


Firstly the main bingo card is a pop-up window. It has the following information

Card faces (mostly three)

The current number and the previously called number

List of current players

“Chat room” for socialising between games.

Select a site

To play, you must choose a site from which you would commence playing. You must do your study here a bit, to see which one is good enough to play your money with. Few sites may have many fraud players, a poor system. Though many have come a long way in providing good service, as a client or customer, you must be careful enough to choose the right and good one for you.

Games with price

while most of the online games come at no cost, few of the games come with price. You may need to pay using your cards.

Many free games have lots of ads problems popping every now and then, which make you miserable. These ads make you lose interest eventually. Opting for paid ones is easy to avoid this problem, but again in the final you would be shelling out money on internet, power and finally for this game only to lose. So act wisely with handy information.

Getting started- to start with the game online, you must have a user name. You must give out a valid e-mail address, so that you can claim your prizes and gifts. Since this is online, you must provide these details very accurately.

Keep your user name and passwords safe- keep your passwords unique, more far from guessing, as there are many hackers. Don’t reveal your passwords to anyone at any point of time. Keep them safe.

Play safe with money- if at all you are playing paid games, be sure to have some money in your account before you start. Also, keep in mind about the maximum limit. don’t play beyond your limits. Ladbrokes bingo is so interesting that you would never want to leave.

Beware of Big promises- certain site which has paid games, offer you big promises, beware of them. Never register looking at those big numbers, and never reveal your card numbers (plastic money).

Bingo Lingo- know some of the terms used in the game and be easy to chat with others who ping you. Socialise a bit.